1974-S Eisenhower Dollar

1974-S Eisenhower Dollar

As in the previous year, the San Francisco Mint struck three different versions of the Eisenhower Dollar. This included uncirculated and proof examples struck in a special composition of 40% silver, as well as an example struck in the standard copper-nickel clad composition for inclusion within the 1974 Proof Set. The 1974-S Eisenhower Dollars struck […]

1974-D Eisenhower Dollar

1974-D Eisenhower Dollar

As is typically the case for the series, the Denver Mint issue for this year is usually found better produced and in higher grades compared to the Philadelphia counterpart. The 1974-D Eisenhower Dollar had a total mintage of 45,517,000 pieces and many may be encountered in higher uncirculated grades. Many of these coins will have […]

1974 Eisenhower Dollar

The 1974 Eisenhower Dollar struck at the Philadelphia Mint is one of the more conditionally challenging issues of the series. Most examples encountered will suffer from weaker strikes and an abundance of surface marks which preclude higher grades. Even some examples graded MS65 by the major grading services may have poor eye appeal. Finding a […]

1973-S Eisenhower Dollar

Starting in 1973, the San Francisco Mint begin producing proof versions of the Eisenhower Dollar in their standard composition for inclusion within annual sets. For the previous two years, the facility had only struck 40% silver versions in uncirculated and proof formats for individual sale to collectors. Since production of the 40% silver versions continued, […]

1973-D Eisenhower Dollar

The 1973-D Eisenhower Dollar has been considered a key date of the series, along with its counterpart from the Philadelphia Mint. These coins were not struck for general circulation, but only minted in the limited quantity necessary for the annual Mint Set. The mintage level is the lowest of the series at only 1,769,258. Compared […]

1973 Eisenhower Dollar

After just two years of production, apparently an adequate number of Eisenhower Dollars had been produced to meet the limited demand from circulation. As such, production was limited to only the number of coins necessary for inclusion within the annual Mint Set, leading to the limited total distribution of 1,769,258 coins. This year had actually […]